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ChiRunning in The Guardian

Shane Benzie, Certified ChiRunning® & ChiWalking® Instructor in the UK, helps Guardian writer Nick Mead, stop heel striking, reduce effort, and get faster.

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Men’s Health: Knee Pain No More

Men's Health covers UC San Francisco study that shows ChiRunning reduces risk of injury and bodily stress. See our feature in the bottom-right corner of the Men's Health page. 

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Runner’s World - Find your Chi (Running)

Runner's World columnist, Dimity McDowell, writes about her experience at a ChiRunning workshop. She writes, " The difference was apparent: My steps were effortless; I felt 50 pounds lighter; my legs seemed relaxed and springy."

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Running Without Pain

A segment with Danny on ABC News

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Who, Me Take a Running Class?

The New York Times profiles Chi Running as part of an article on the growth of the running education industry.

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Chi Runners Poised for Softer Landings

NPR talks to Mark Cucuzzella and Danny Dreyer about the effectiveness and popularity of the Chi Running technique.

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