First Half Ironman with Chi Running - Chi Walking

First Half Ironman with Chi Running

August 9th, 2010

I just completed my first half ironman.  I am 54 and obese and it took me a bit over 12 hours to finish. However, I completed the half marathon part in slightly under 5 hours completely relaxed. People were teasing me because I didn't look tired.  I had the best race. It was like a dream because I didn't hurt at all in my legs, just a bit sore in my shoulders from the bike and swim. I applied Chi Running principles to all my sports and the focuses helped me get through a few weak feelings. So I guess I get the award for the slowest athlete, but at least I am healthy and ready to train some more.

Then, about a week later, I was running up a hill and I did not know an obese woman was watching me. She came to me after my run and asked how I could get up the hill so easily and I referred her to your book and DVD which I just happened to have in the car. It feels so good to show people that you can exercise no matter what you look like.

I am reviewing my book and DVD to help me with my form until I can get back with an instructor this Fall.

Thank you so much.


Susan D.

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