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Lose weight. Reduce stress. Reclaim your health. Change yo​ur life. The ChiWalking app is your partner on the path to fitness.









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Video Lessons Make Learning Easy

           Get active without getting injured. Video                          lessons show you how to reduce impact                        and get the most out of your walks.                    

On-the-go Audio Coaching 

           Maximize your results by selecting the form                            reminders you need. This app puts you in the                       driver’s seat. 



Design Your Own Guided Walks

            Select your favorite Chi Focuses, choose                       a Walk Type, set your metronome and relax                   into effortless walking. 



Built-in Metronome

             Burn more calories by keeping a steady                          pace with the built-in metronome. There’s                      no better tool to bring new life to your walking.



Warm Up & Cool Down Without Strain

           Get a complete workout from beginning to                              end and from head to toe with Pre-Walk                                  Body Looseners & Post-Walk Stretches.


 Store Stats & Track Progress

           Get excited by your progress as you track                        distance, pace, caloric burn, and routes.                          Inspire friends by sharing your workouts.             

Walking never felt this good!

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