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Distance walking is the #1 recommended way to get and stay healthy, release excess weight, manage stress and feel great. Walking in an event will help you get motivated and give you a reason to train.

Training well is key. Chi Walking combines walking with the wisdom and movement principles of T’ai Chi. You’ll strengthen core muscles, improve your posture, and feel balanced and focused.

The focus in on technique and conditioning. You’ll learn sound biomechanics that will allow you to walk faster and farther with less effort. Whether you’re walking for a charity, competition or for fun, you want to train with integrity, making sure you can go the distance, and do so in a healthy way.

The Chi Walking Workbook and DVD take you through step-by-step lessons that make it easy to learn. The Chi Walking book is a great read that will keep you motivated and inspired.

Since walking is such a basic, every day movement, when you improve the quality of how you walk, you’ll improve the quality of your life. Chi Walking addresses the needs of your whole person; joints and muscles, body and soul.

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I have been through many types of training seminars, both for business and athletics, this one ranks at the top.

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- Chris Fuller, President, The Sporting Life


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