Reconnecting with a Chi Instructor - Chi Walking

Reconnecting with a Chi Instructor

December 12th, 2010

Reconnecting with a Chi Instructor

I have been running since 1978 when a friend brought me a pair of running shoes and we went for a 10 minute run to take a break from our crying babies. I was hooked and continued to run in my very poor form for 25 years, until another friend told me about Chi Running. (I have really good friends.) I read the book but knew it would be so much better to have some real instructions.

The workshops that were offered did not fit my schedule so I contacted Laura Houston and took a 2-hour private lesson on a raining January day in 2007. Her instructions were so clear and amazingly easy.

That day changed my running life. I always loved to run, but this was a whole new feeling. I was so excited that I got four other friends together and we did some private classes with Mary Lindahl. I read the book often and watch the DVD a lot, and make everyone who asks me about Chi Running watch it, too.

I have followed Laura on Facebook and see what a kind, generous person she is through her postings. Then she recognized me and I was blown away!!! Not only can the lady run but remembers names, too.

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