Walking for Weight Loss - Chi Walking

Walk it Away

Walking is the #1 recommended fitness program in the world. The farther you walk, the more fat you burn, it’s a fact.

Chi Walking teaches you the best walking technique to be able to walk farther with greater ease by combining principles of T’ai Chi with walking. You’ll learn to walk tall, with a light step to reduce stress and strain on muscles, ligaments and joints. You'll learn how to avoid the injuries that quickly derail any fitness program.

Get started with the Chi Walking 8-week program. You’ll get step-by-step instructions for each workout, a DVD with clear images and a workbook that inspires and supports your progress. At the end of 8 weeks you’ll be walking a 5k (3.1 miles) and have the skills to keep you healthy for a lifetime.

"I've got the book and I love it. It's inspiring and very well written. Already my calf muscles are no longer stiff when I run. I'll get the DVD and continue to practice. Think I might get my boyfriend to try the ChiWalking!
Thank you, Sue"

Chi Walking is the graceful, pain-free way to get fit, connect with your body and rediscover the part of you that loves to move and be active. A regular Chi Walking program combined with a nutrient rich diet will help you release excess weight, improve your health, and calm and nourish your mind and spirit.


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